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Who is behind Connect Champaign County?

Connect Champaign County is being led by the Champaign County Farm Bureau. CCFB staff is collaborating with volunteers, community stakeholders, internet providers, and the citizens of rural Champaign County to bring broadband to everyone. 

Why broadband?

The Covid-19 pandemic exacerbated the internet availability gap between the urban and rural parts of Champaign County. Bringing broadband to our rural citizens will improve their property value, their ability to access telehealth, give students better access during periods of remote learning, and grow our rural economy. 

Why now?

The American Rescue Plan Act and the recently passed infrastructure bill have given communities a once in a lifetime chance to invest in broadband infrastructure. Connect Champaign County is committed to making sure that rural  Champaign County residents have the opportunity to get the benefits of fast, reliable, and affordable broadband internet. 

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